STEINBERGER Synapse XS-1FPA, Antique White 4 Strings Bass – w/Original Gigbag – FOR SALE – € 699

For sale here’s a brand new STEINBERGER Synapse XS-1FPA Antique White Headless 4 Strings Bass, with its original padded gigbag and instructions manual.

Here’s the specs, directly from the manufacturer’s website:

Steinberger has long been famous for designing the most comfortable and balanced basses the world has ever seen and the Synapse bass is no different. Designed by Ned Steinberger, the Synapse bass guitar is a HYBRID instrument combining the strength, rigidity and clarity of graphite with the warmth and beauty of wood. At the heart of every Synapse is our Cybrosonic™ neck featuring our patented graphite U-channel with adjustable truss rod uniquely crafted into a 3-piece, hard maple neck. We then add a smooth and durable phenolic fingerboard and a glued-in body design to create an instrument with distinctive tonal clarity, sustain, “pop” and response as well as ultimate stability!

One low-impedance, active EMG USA bass humbucker mounted at the “sweetspot” combined with an internal low-impedance preamp and a stereo piezo bridge extends the range on both ends for earth-moving lows and phenomenal transients from slap-style playing. Internal trim pots allow you to adjust the balance of the piezo output between the high and low strings if needed. Equipped with a Rosewood saddle for warm, pure tone, you can install an optional aluminum or composite saddle to create other tonal possibilities as well.

Other features include our Combo™ headpiece that accommodates both DoubleBall™ and single-ball strings, the patented 40:1 ratio, direct-drive double ball bridge for super-fast string changes and rock-solid tuning stability. With it’s headless design and new, innovative “Strap Hook”, the Synapse bass balances perfectly and positions the bass in the ideal playing position when standing. The fold-down leg rest accommodates performance while seated as well.

Provided with a premium, padded gigbag, the Synapse’s headless design is compact and capable of fitting into tight places including most overhead airplane bins. Put it all together and you’ve got a bass of unequalled performance, comfort and flexibility. Steinberger – State of the Instrument.

The bass shows no signs of wear, there is only a minor wear mark on the fretboard around the 20th fret (see attached pic for better reference), slightly visible and not harmful to its playability in any case.

WORLDWIDE SHIPPING at a flat rate of € 75,00 (+€15,00 optional insurance – recommended)


STEINBERGER KLEIN Model – Handmade – FOR SALE – € 1.899

For sale here’s an handmade copy of the famous Steinberger-Klein headless guitar, also known as Kleinberger.

Following the original nomenclature, this would be a GK8S model, where 8 corresponds to the three-humbucker configuration and the S stands for S-Trem.
This guitar features a handmade wood neck with a phenolic fingerboard and 24 stainless steel frets which are like new, no signs or scratches. The headpiece is a Floyd Rose type, for better string retaining than the original, without the need to use a single ball string adapter. Unlike the originals, it also sports a graphite nut, which gives extra intonation and sustain in combination with the zero fret.
I do not know of which exact wood the neck is made of, I suppose it is a three-piece maple neck with a darker nitrocellulose lacquer stain. The neck has a trussrod which is working fine.
The body has been handmade by an Italian luthier, a two-piece mahogany body with a thick highly figured maple top, both in a very cool natural finish. The pickup and electronic covers on the back are also made of wood and match the mahogany on the back.
There is also the set-up for the Roland Midi pickup (not included), now covered with the two small black screws near the bridge.
The neck pickup is a Gibson USA pickup, the bridge is a DiMarzio 151 and the middle one might be an older DiMarzio model, but I am not sure. A 5 way switch, a volume and a tone knob complete the electronic compartment.
The bridge is an original Steinberger S-Trem, with its original tremolo arm. The unit has just been completely disassembled, cleaned, lubed and the bearings and pins have been replaced for the smoothest performance possible. It can be locked to fixed position via the lower lever.
The guitar comes with no case, but I will pack it extremely well to ensure a safe delivery.
This is not a cheap copy but a very well crafted instrument, lightweight and very comfortable to play.

WORLDWIDE SHIPPING at a fixed flat rate of € 75,00, with an extra 15€ for optional insurance (recommended)

Different Steinberger guitars demo (compared with a Gibson LP)

Here is the link to a downloadable archive where you will find three different audio files. These are audio demos for three guitars: Steinberger GL, GM and a Gibson LP (to hear the contrast with a “normal” guitar).
Every file is recorded with the clean channel and then with an overdrive (both sounds come from a Kitty Hawk Quattro preamp through a 2×12 Celestion V30 loaded cab): first there’s the bridge pickup, then there’s the middle position and at last we have the neck pickup.

Hope you enjoy this quick comparison!

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